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Rhonda's Grandparents Mr. Mrs. Thompson
Port Salerno, Florida 1973

Rhonda's Seafood Royal Palm Pointe

Rhonda's Seafood / Royal Palm Pointe
4 Generations of commercial fisherman.

Rhonda's granparents Mr and Mrs Thompson. Back in 1964 the Thompsons moved from Ohio to Port Salerno where they started a commercial fishing business. The Thompsons started fishing for the exercise and were blessed with an exploding business of commercial fishing that stuck to every generation that followed.

"We love to fish at night," said Mrs. Thompson. "I remember one night we set out our nets, and then set the alarm and went to sleep in the cabin. Whe had to have the nets in by sunrise, but both of us slept right through the alarm. The board of Conservation finally came along and woke us up in the morning."

Sunday November 4, 1973

Rhonda's Fresh Seafood Market Today 2018

Rhonda's Fresh Seafood Market, located in Royal Palm Pointe Vero Beach Florida offers only the freshest seafood for her customers. She takes great pride in her product. While you wait, sample some of her homemade Mahi smoked fish dip. Rhonda also carries fresh field tomatoes and a limited selection of produce to go along with your fish purchase. She also stocks locally made chips and salsa. She specializes in homemade pies including mouth watering Keylime and Orange that are creamy and light.